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Пластиковая тележка для магазинов на 100 литров "Marsanz 100L"

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Габариты камеры:
Высота - 962 мм
Ширина - 580 мм
Длина - 830 мм
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8 800 555-28-21

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KEY HIGHLIGHTS STEADY AND RELIABLE - Due to its high quality materials and its flat oval tubing chassis, it is a very strong trolley, reliable and resistant to crashes. Suitable for plain or travelator surfaces. LIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY - Light, compact and easy to carry (360 degrees movements allowed) thanks to its perimetral handle and 4 swivel wheels. SILENT - This trolley has a very low noise rate thanks to its structure and its light materials composition. COMFORTABLE TO LOAD/UNLOAD - Customers will really appreciate how easy it is to load / unload the goods from this trolley thanks to its studied height and size. Adaptable to any check-out. Bye bye to the extra efforts needed when unloading a wheeled basket in the check-out! Indeed it has a bigger profitable capacity and it includes a bottle rack. Capacity: 100 L CUSTOMIZATION - The Multigrip allows a wide variety of RAL colours for different parts of the trolley as well as a customized handle with the logo of your store. In this way, the trolley will be seen a part of your corporate image! Additional accesories: SYSTEC coin lock is possible by request TENTE 125 mm travelator wheels

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