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Пластиковая тележка для супермаркетов на 160 литров "Marsanz 160L"

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Габариты камеры:
Высота - 995 мм
Ширина - 601 мм
Длина - 1082 мм
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8 800 555-28-21

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160L hybrid trolley with a STANDARD PLATFORM that enables to put a grill base on it as an accessory. It is equipped with a flat oval tubing chassis, an ergonomic handle designed by Marsanz and a plastic basket made of injected polypropylene with U.V. protection. As a result, we have a solid but lighter, noiseless, functional, more comfortable, easy to handle and attractive trolley, that will improve the customers’ shopping experience. Something that customers, and of course retailers, will really appreciate. This trolley comes standard with a double function baby-seat. Customers can get an extra loading place by folding up the plastic baby-seat.

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