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Automated Storage Lockers "Locker Bar"

LockerBar Turn-Key Automated Storage Lockers

All the products listed in the catalogue can be tailored to your needs. Our company will manufacture any storage lockers from the ground up as a turnkey solution.

We offer all-round solutions for any purpose, for example:

  • For stores and supermarkets
  • For residential complexes
  • For shopping and business centers
  • For water parks
  • With a touch screen
  • With a monochrome screen
  • With any type of lock and key
  • Of any dimensions and colors

Violanta manufactures and sells automated storage locker systems with a monochrome display and keyless access to locker boxes. These products are well-suited for furnishing stores, supermarkets, sport clubs, shopping centers, museums, plants, restricted access facilities, airports and railway stations. The wide functional capabilities of the storage lockers and their setup flexibility are the main reasons why this equipment is enjoying high demand in numerous spheres.

Advantages of our automated storage locker systems

All the manufactured products are characterized by high reliability and strength. The lockers have a welded or modular structure, and the boxes and doors are reinforced with stiffeners. Only high-quality materials are used in production. Due to this approach, our customers are supplied with products which last many years.

You can buy a storage locker system in the standard design (as shown in our catalogue) or order a customized version manufactured to your specification. We are in a position to manufacture a locker of any size, with any number (and dimensions) of boxes, of any color scheme (as per RAL) and using any materials. If required, we can develop unique software fine-tuned to your requirements.

Access to boxes can be provided using any method:

  • by means of bracelets (ideal for water parks);
  • by means of RFID tag cards (a sound solution for business centers and companies);
  • by means of a bar code (for bag storage in stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets);
  • by means of a pin code (which can be texted to customers);
  • by means of fingerprints;
  • by means of face scanning;

or any other method (as agreed).

In addition, lockers can be fitted with different equipment: bill and coin acceptors, uninterrupted power supply units, sound modules for voice announcement to customers, LED lighting of boxes, etc.



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