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Wireless Online Locks

e-Smart Flex is flexible for any usage in the office environment.

e-Smart Flex offers different types of locks that can be used for a different door types which gives you the ability to install them based on your tastes and needs. You can install Flex locks any types of furniture such as classic hinged door, sliding door, or even the back of the drawer. It also offers Kiosk solution that allows you to use in the retail market or the mail delivery box.

The most exclusive function of this series is “Master-Slave” solution. Without connecting all the locks with the cables, you can simply connect the slave locks to one master lock and control over those slave locks from it. Last but not least, it offers wired power solution, so if you don’t want to worry about changing batteries periodically, then use our wired power solution. Enjoy this piece of art that can make your office life a lot easier in a secure way!

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