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Custom-made portable charging stations

Turn-Key сustom-made portable charging stations

If you cannot find a suitable charging station in the catalogue, we can produce a custom-made version in accordance with your requirements!

Our company produces portable charging stations for restaurants, cafes, bars and any other area of business. Contact us today, and we will prepare a solution free of charge, which will suit your specific needs.

Statistical data indicate that every big urban center dweller owns an average of 2 smartphones. More than 75% of those interviewed have said that they would rather visit those establishments where they can charge their mobile phones. About 79% of them have reported that they will refer places where it is possible to charge gadgets to their relatives, friends and colleagues.

Portable stations for charging mobile phones and other gadgets have found application in all areas of business, particularly, in the HoReCa segment.  They are universal modules designed as tabletop boxes or menu holders.  These devices can be optionally equipped with antitheft elements, which allow the personnel to stay focused on performing their duties of serving customers and maintain their efficiency.

Benefits that telephone charging stations bring to restaurants and cafes

  • New spontaneous customers – a certain number of people will become your customers only because their mobile is about to run out of power, and your café is here to solve the problem.
  • 10 to 15% increase in sales – while their phone is charging, the visitor will make an order.
  • Improving loyalty – your guests will appreciate your help and will tell others about it when they get a chance.
  • Branding, creating a positive image of the establishment – vending services will become an additional factor encouraging people to choose you.
  • Competitive edge – you will be ahead of your competitors by offering your customers a good quality and sought-after service.  

What does our company offer?

Violanta develops and manufactures a wide range of portable telephone charging stations for cafes, restaurants and other public establishments. You can buy from us mains-powered and wireless tabletop terminals for a different number of devices.

We develop and produce customized equipment based on individual designs. The sales geography of our proprietary products includes all of Russia, Europe and the USA. We also provide maintenance. All our devices are certified in accordance with international quality standards.

Изготовим по Вашим размерам и комплектации. Оставьте заявку и мы с Вами оперативно свяжемся!
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