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Information panels and touch terminals with stand

The touch information panel with a stand is a modern electronic equipment designed to provide various services in self-service systems. The interactive screen can have different sizes and be located at different angles to the horizontal. Impact-resistant glass on the monitor and anti-vandal design of the case ensure the safety of the appearance of the device, personal data and financial resources (if the equipment is used as a payment terminal).

Applications and benefits of interactive kiosks

Touch terminals with a stand are software and hardware systems, which, depending on the configuration and software, can be used for:

  • providing information about the movement of vehicles and buying tickets;
  • provision of navigation services;
  • choice of dishes and their payment at catering establishments;
  • registration in the electronic queue, ordering certificates and other documents;
  • keeping records of working hours in industrial enterprises.

Benefits of installing sensor racks:

  • the ability to change and expand their functionality;
  • strength and durability, due to the use of only high-quality materials in the production;
  • the possibility of round-the-clock use;
  • improving the quality of customer service in public institutions.

Stand Configurations

The height and configuration of stands for sensor racks are selected depending on the area of the room, the purpose of the panel and other factors:

  • mobile holder - can be installed on the floor or table, allows you to easily move equipment to a new location;
  • stationary models - securely fixed on a horizontal surface with fasteners.

Benefits of cooperation with Violanta

The Violanta company offers to choose from the catalog and buy a touch terminal of the required design and functionality. In the absence of a suitable model, we will manufacture electronic equipment according to individual parameters and provide software that takes into account all your requirements.

The goods can be picked up on a self-delivery basis or ordered for delivery to their destination in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region and other regions of Russia.

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