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Making Changing Room Benches to Order

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Commercial organizations interested in attracting new customers and improving their staff loyalty can increase their chance to do so if they provide more comfort to their target audiences, with benches for changing rooms and waiting areas being one of its components. Violanta is involved in manufacturing and selling them at individual requests.

The Range of Benches for Changing Rooms

Our store catalogue includes standard models:

  • Different sizes;
  • With antiskid legs – safe on wet floors;
  • Side benches which are installed by walls or in the center of the room;
  • Single-sided – with seats on one side of the backrest;
  • Double-sided – with seats on both sides of the backrest for the most efficient use of limited space areas;
  • With or without backrests – to suit different requirements of your business;
  • With hangers to perform the function of a cloakroom.

Metal benches are resistant to moisture and open fire, and that is why they are intended for use in shower-rooms of fitness clubs and gyms, in swimming pools and on the production floor. Undemanding and practical wooden benches are installed in locker rooms of sport facilities, kindergartens, schools, public and medical institutions. The low-budget models are made of plastic and chipboard.

We use weatherproof and safe powder paint for metal parts. Wooden boards are coated with a protective and decorative polymer coat. We are the manufacturer of all the products in the range presented in the catalogue, so we can offer the lowest prices for the goods. To buy a standard bench for waiting rooms and changing rooms or to order a custom-made product, you can leave your request through the website.

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