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Chipboard and HPL Lockers for Changing Rooms

Manufacturing of Chipboard and HPL Lockers for Changing Rooms to Order

Leave a request and we will calculate the cost of furniture production free of charge, focusing on your technical requirements and the type of room.

Violanta offers lockers for clothes, which are made of shipboard and HPL and are installed in changing rooms. You can purchase from us either standard ready-to-use models or models made in accordance with your technical specifications.

Chipboard Lockers with Laminated Doors

Laminated chipboard is a chipboard plate covered with a special film using a physicochemical lamination method. Cladding improves the appearance of the material and makes it more practical.

The advantages of laminated chipboard lockers for changing rooms are:

  • Low price compared with other materials – about 2 000 rubles per sheet;
  • Ability to make products of different shapes and sizes.

HPL Lockers

HPL (High Pressure Laminate, or decorative laminated paper plastic) is a strong decorative furniture material. It is made by soaking multiple kraft-paper layers with phenolic resin. The upper layer is decorative printing paper. All layers are pressed together under high pressure and temperature. This process turns thermosetting resin into plastic. All of them together form a strong laminated sheet.

The advantages of HPL lockers for changing rooms are:

  • High water resistance;
  • Wear resistance and durability;
  • Fire resistance;
  • Resistance to chemical action;
  • Affordability – the price is approx. 10 000 rubles per sheet.

Configuration and Application

We offer the following types of wooden and plastic lockers for changing rooms:

  • For sport teams – with drawers and separate compartments for footwear and athletic gear;
  • Z-shaped lockers, which allow placing twice as much furniture in the same area;
  • Sectional lockers with autonomous lockable cells;
  • With benches, comfortable and functional;
  • «Piano» series lockers – 3-sectional, ergonomic and spacious.

This furniture is intended for changing rooms of sport facilities, fitness clubs, production and office rooms. It is made of safe materials, so it is also suitable for kindergartens, pre-school, training, medical and public institutions.

The advantages of our chipboard and HPL lockers are:

  • Any color solution to your liking;
  • Short manufacturing time;
  • Simple, quick and inexpensive installation;
  • Convenient to use due to a well-designed configuration and a wide door swing angle;
  • Easy to maintain – wash them with moist tissues and a detergent;
  • Can be fitted with any type of lock: mechanical and electronic, including card and pin-code operated.

Equipping a changing room with a good quality storage system enhances comfort and provides reliable storage, which improves customer loyalty and attracts new customers. If you want to buy these chipboard and HPL wardrobe lockers, leave your request on the website.

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