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Laptop and Tablet Charging and Storage Carts

Manufacturing turnkey storage and charging carts

Send us your request and we will calculate the cost of manufacturing storage and charging carts for you free of charge, based on your needs and capacities.

Charging and storage carts for laptops, tablets and other gadgets are mobile welded cabinets made of powder-coated steel sheets and shaped tubes. The cart has wheels attached to its bottom panel, with comfortable handles located at the sides.

The units are equipped with locking compartments, each of which has a built-in power source and a set of wires with terminals connected to a battery, which are suitable for charging different digital devices. The compartment sizes are designed for different types of gadgets:

  • full-sized laptops and mini laptops;
  • tablets;
  • smartphones.

Cabinets for charging laptops and other devices are different by size and number of slots. You can either buy a ready-made cabinet of standard size or order a tailor-made version in accordance with your specifications. All units are equipped with earth wires and charged from the electricity grid. The cabinet can also be equipped with a Wi-Fi Internet access point.

Functions and applications of charging carts

Laptop charging carts allow safe storage and simultaneous charging of all kinds of digital devices, as well as when it is necessary to move them. They are useful in sport clubs, secured facilities and business facilities during private meetings. Museums and exhibition centers use them to conduct interactive presentations. This type of unit is particularly popular in educational organizations, as they ensure security and integrity of digital devices, maintain their operability and move them easily from one classroom to another.

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