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Automated Luggage Lockers "Touch"

TouchScreen Turn-Key Automated Storage Lockers

All the products listed in the catalogue can be tailored to your needs. Our company will manufacture any storage lockers from the ground up as a turnkey solution.

We offer all-round solutions for any purpose, for example:

  • For railway stations
  • For airports
  • For hospitals and clinics
  • For sports facilities
  • With a touch screen
  • With a monochrome screen
  • With any type of lock and key
  • Of any dimensions and colors

Violanta manufactures and sells automated storage locker systems with a touch display and keyless access to boxes.

Advantages of automated luggage locker systems with a touch display

The touch display and the powerful processor of the system make it possible to implement virtually any functional capabilities.

Below is the standard set of options which we install on most of our equipment:

  • remote access (to control the network of devices remotely);
  • exporting statistical data and reports in MSExcel format;
  • integration with your ACS;
  • acceptance of cash and plastic cards;
  • issuance of a fiscal sales receipt;
  • printing out the box access code, as well as additional storage details (box number, time of loading).

Our range includes a wide variety of software solutions for automated storage locker systems, so you are sure to find one suitable for you. If necessary, we are ready to develop unique customized software.

Automated lockers with a touch display are ideal for railway terminals, airports, railway stations, i.e. places where it is necessary to arrange storage of large and small passenger baggage.

The advantages of such lockers are:

  • Personnel costs are reduced. No personnel participation is required to let visitors use the locker boxes. The system can accept payment and hand out the ticket or token automatically.
  • High reliability. High-strength steel is used for the manufacture of the boxes, and monitoring and security alarm systems are connected to enhance security.
  • Simple operating principle. All automated lockers use a single algorithm to operate, which allows visitors to hand in and receive their baggage quickly and effortlessly.
  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.
  • Task-specific adjustment of functional capabiities.

Why is it worthwhile working with us?

Violanta is a market leader which has installed hundreds of automated storage locker systems at bus stations, railway stations, stadiums, airports, changing rooms, water parks and other public facilities. Over a long period of operation, we have established all business processes, so you can rest assured that your order will be fulfilled in accordance with high quality standards, within the specified timescale and at a reasonable price.

You can purchase a ready-made standard solution shown in our catalogue or order a customized locker system version. Our company is in a position to manufacture a locker system of any size, with any number (and size) of boxes, with any color scheme (as per RAL) and using any materials.



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