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Metal Changing Room Lockers

Manufacture of Turnkey Metal Changing Room Lockers

There is no suitable option in the catalog? We will calculate for free the cost of manufacturing furniture according to your technical requirements for any type of premises:

  • with any number of sections
  • with different types of locks
  • with additional accessories

Violanta is a manufacturer of metal changing room lockers. We offer our products straight from the factory without any intermediaries and at best prices. The standard locker models shown in the catalogue are always available, but you can also order any product to be manufactured in accordance with your specific design.

Advantages of Metal Changing Room Lockers

Metal lockers for clothes:

  • Have a 2-3 times longer service life than those made of other materials;
  • Do not dry up, shrink or burn and are powder-coat protected from corrosion;
  • Are burglar resistant if equipped with strong and reliable locks;
  • Are resistant to moisture and disinfectants;
  • Are multifunctional;
  • Are convenient in operation as they are compact and spacious;

Due to their small weight and simple design, delivering and installing metal lockers will be cheaper. Being equipped with a ventilation system, they are protected from mold formation and unpleasant characteristic smell.

These lockers are intended for use in changing rooms of bathhouses, saunas, swimming pools, sport and fitness clubs, medical and children’s facilities, stores, offices and production sites.

Configuration and Intended Use of Metal Lockers

Our store catalogue features ready-to-use metal locker models:

  • Large, medium and small storage lockers for changing rooms with autonomous cells and boxes of various sizes;
  • Wardrobe lockers – with hangers for clothes, footwear and hat sections;
  • Storage lockers with electronic keys with pin-codes or tokens;
  • Lockers with perforated doors and flip locks.

Extra accessories are available at your request: hangers, drawers, mirrors and benches. We can make any storage system according to your requirements. Any color is available. Our warranty period is 1 year. The actual service life is unlimited.

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