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Wine Dispensers and Refrigerators

Turn-Key Wine Dispensers and Refrigerators

Leave a request and we'll calculate the cost of manufacturing wine dispensers, cabinets and refrigerators for free, taking into account your needs, technical requirements and scope of application. If necessary, we'll offer the development of non-standard solutions, with turnkey manufacturing from scratch.

VIOLANTA COM offers wine dispensers, which you can buy on favorable terms. They are an essential item of equipment in restaurants, cafés, bars and wine rooms. Wine dispensers make sure that wine kept in open bottles preserves its superb taste, flavor and freshness. On top of that, they have numerous other advantages:

  • They have a stylish design which can serve as a superb decoration for the interior of the establishment;
  • They support an optimal microclimate, which allows preserving the taste quality of wine for a few weeks;
  • It is possible to pour the required amount of wine into a glass carefully;
  • It is easy to monitor drink consumption;
  • Overall costs are reduced.

Wine dispensers are commonly used for buffet meals and at wine tasting events. They can have different sizes and temperature zones for keeping different drinks. Some wine dispenser models are capable of preserving the freshness of not only still but also sparkling wine.

Our company produces single-temperature and two-zone wine refrigerators. All equipment can be manufactured in accordance with your requirements. Built-in models are also available.

A real connoisseur obviously won’t be able to go without such an important thing as a wine refrigerator. A cooling cabinet will allow preserving the taste quality and all characteristics of the product being stored.

Modern wine refrigerator models are unique appliances, which are capable of maintaining required conditions to store expensive drinks. They maintain the required temperature levels, air humidity and lighting, while minimizing vibration.

Two-zone models are the most popular types of wine refrigerators. They are designed in a way that divides the work area into two work zones. Each zone maintains its own temperature, which makes it possible to store different drinks at the same time.

Изготовим по Вашим размерам и комплектации. Оставьте заявку и мы с Вами оперативно свяжемся!
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