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Floor-standing touch kiosks and self-service terminals

Floor touch self-service terminals are electronic devices capable of performing a whole range of functions, the list of which is determined by the configuration and the software used. Structurally, they are equipment of one- or two-sided design, equipped with a touch screen and an anti-vandal case.

Areas of application for floor-standing touch-screen info kiosks

Floor interactive racks facilitate and automate the processes of obtaining information, ordering and paying for goods and services. With their help, you can:

  • get information about the timetable of vehicles and buy a ticket for the right time, touch floor terminals can be supplemented with thermal receipt printers;
  • pay utility bills, loans, Internet and mobile communications services;
  • order and pay for meals at public catering establishments operating on a full or partial self-service system;
  • make an appointment with a doctor;
  • organize an electronic queue.

Such equipment is widely used at railway stations, airports, cafes, restaurants, museums, hotels.

Advantages of installation and operation of floor information terminals

  • Interactive touch screen kiosks provide:
  • expand functionality by installing new blocks and using appropriate software;
  • use the equipment around the clock without weekends and holidays;
  • save money on staff salaries.

Thanks to the anti-vandal design, floor interactive self-service kiosks ensure the safety of: original appearance, confidential information, personal data, money. Infomats can be double-sided, which allows you to serve twice as many customers per unit of time. Equipment that has a motion sensor installed can be used to greet and say goodbye to guests.

Benefits of cooperation with Violanta

The Violanta manufacturing company offers to buy interactive sensor racks of the required functionality. In the absence of a suitable model in the catalog, we will manufacture electronic equipment according to individual characteristics and develop the required software.

We provide: high quality of the products offered, strict fulfillment of contractual obligations, the ability to order goods for delivery in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region and other regions of Russia.

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