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Cell Phone Charging Stations

Mobile Phone Charging Station Turn-Key Solutions

We offer all-round solutions for your business. We can calculate all required parameters free of charge and offer versions of gadget charging stations for any kind of room:

  • for departure lounges in railway stations and airports
  • for cafes, bars and restaurants
  • for public amenities (schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • for sport centers and fitness clubs

A mobile phone charging station is an original option for bars, shopping malls and other public facilities, contributing to the high level of comfort of visitors and generating extra revenues.

A charging terminal is a set of cells made of strong steel, which have plugs for charging mobile phones and smartphones. By leaving their devices for storage for a few hours, visitors will have them fully charged when they get them back.

If the station purchased has a payment processing feature, it will be possible to add the following options:

  • Payment terminal. In this case, a contract is signed with an e-payment processing company and the charging station owner becomes a payment agent receiving commission on payments from customers;
  • Giving change by crediting a mobile phone account;
  • Paid WI-FI. This option allows giving paid access to the Internet.

If installed, a free mobile phone charging station will make a good impression on your visitors and create a favorable image for your shopping center, railway station, airport or any other public facility.

Video Reviews of Cell Phone Charging Stations Manufactured by Us

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