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Information kiosks and indoor terminals


Information kiosks designed for indoor installation are modern hardware and software systems that allow providing the same type of information to a wide range of people. With their help, you can accept payment for goods and services, improve the quality of customer service in public, medical, cultural and entertainment institutions.

Areas of application for indoor terminals

Touch screen electronic kiosks designed for indoor installation can be used:

  • as information panels to provide information about the movement of vehicles;
  • to demonstrate social advertising and inform about planned cultural and sports events;
  • as payment terminals for paying for goods and services;
  • for ordering and paying for meals in cafes and restaurants operating on the principle of partial or full self-service;
  • for organizing an electronic queue.

Most often, electronic devices successfully combine several functions - information, payment and organizational.

How to choose an interactive terminal for the room

When ordering and purchasing an information kiosk, consider:

  • dimensions of the room - for cramped conditions, wall-mounted models or mounted on a table (shelf) are suitable;
  • the number of visitors served - for places with high traffic, double-sided devices are more suitable;
  • the needs of the audience - the location of the screen and its angle of inclination should be convenient for use by wheelchair users and children with disabilities.

Benefits of cooperation with Violanta

The Violanta company offers a wide range of interactive terminals for premises. Suitable equipment can be selected from the catalog yourself or with the help of our consultants. On request, we can develop a touch panel and software according to individual requirements. All products are guaranteed.

You can pick up the goods yourself or order their delivery to your destination in any locality in Russia.

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