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7 October 2020 г.

Electronic mailboxes with the addition of a separate type of cells for receiving parcels (postamat) from courier companies will become a modern alternative to outdated mailboxes with keys.

12 July 2020 г.

Violanta, a leader Russian manufacturer and supplier of various electronic storage and access systems, has developed a new product for a large construction company - Postomat for an apartment.

26 April 2020 г.

Violanta, a leader manufacturer and supplier of various electronic storage and access systems, has introduced a new line of electronic key holders to the market for a different number of keys.

10 April 2020 г.

In the context of the active spread of coronavirus in Russia and the quarantine measures introduced by the authorities of the regions to contain the epidemic, businesses of different levels are obviously under attack.

11 April 2019 г.

A solution has been developed for remote key distribution for coworking spaces.

12 February 2019 г.

At the end of 2018, the Violanta company, on a special order from the police, manufactured a camera for storing mobile devices.

12 January 2019 г.

At the end of December 2018, our company manufactured and installed automatic lockers for the OKHTA PARK ski resort

23 November 2018 г.

The list of Violanta's foreign clients has been expanded.

24 October 2018 г.

The Violanta company works not only with clients from Russia and the CIS countries, but also with foreign companies.

28 August 2017 г.

In August 2017, the Violanta company made custom-made Parcel Lockers for the Wildberries online store. All work was performed efficiently and on time.

28 October 2011 г.

Our company has already supplied a few key storage lockers to hotels.

Such lockers help to get rid of night shift.

9 June 2011 г.

Our company, from May 1, 2011 till July 1, 2011 reduces prices for automatic lockers by 10 %.

26 December 2010 г.

We have installed lockers in shop PEREKRYOSTOK (mall EUROPEISKY, metro station KIEVSKAYA) for a test period.

3 December 2010 г.

In the beginning of 2011 the first sample of an automatic storage locker is planning.

2 December 2010 г.

In January, 2011 we will have storage lockers with a coin acceptor and a bill acceptor.

1 December 2010 г.

A new type of storage lockers has the best design. At small dimensions of the storage locker body it offers sufficient dimensions of cells.

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