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Automatic Changing Room Lockers with an Electronic Lock

Manufacture of Metal Changing Room Lockers with an Electronic Lock

We will make automatic cabinets for changing rooms of any colors and sizes to order according to your requirements!

Leave a request and we will calculate the cost of production for free, focusing on the needs and opportunities of your business.

Electronic lock lockers are special purpose storage lockers for public changing rooms. They are strong, spacious and multifunctional. They feature welded steel lockable boxes reinforced with stiffening plates and have shelves and hangers inside.

Individual boxes are unlocked by means of magnetic cards, contactless tokens and bracelets, as well as fingerprints, bar and pin codes. If they are lost or fail to operate, the administrator, who has overall access to the security system, can still open the box. Moreover, the controller console records all successful door opening events and can block the doors or change their passwords if required.

This kind of equipment is of benefit when equipping:

  • Fitness clubs, sport and entertainment centers;
  • Medical facilities;
  • Ski resorts, aqua parks and beaches;
  • Catering operations and libraries;
  • Educational institutions and business centers;
  • Production, commercial and financial companies.

Advantages of Electronic Lock Lockers Over Conventional Ones

In comparison with conventional ones, innovative fitness lockers with electronic keys ensure 100% protection from burglary and damage to their contents. The probability of breaking into such a locker is zero, which is very convenient for both the staff of an organization and its customers. These modular units are easy to install, simple to operate and boast of an attractive design and reliability. Being compact, they allow using cloakroom areas efficiently, and due to their longevity, i.e. a service life spanning for 15 years, you will forget about problems with lockers in your institution for a very long time.

How Do They Benefit Your Business?

Operational equipment can increase the service level, raise the status and give a reputable image to a business operation. Zero probability of theft is exactly what increases demand for the service rendered by 30%. What’s more, automatic lockers work round the clock and do not require to be attended to or continuously monitored.

They will allow you:

  • To reduce locking device costs to a minimum;
  • To reduce the number of staff responsible for keeping customers’ property safe;
  • To reduce labor costs accordingly;
  • To reduce the liability risk by eliminating the human factor.
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