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Electronic Key Management Systems

Providing turnkey key management system solutions

You can file a request and we will calculate the manufacturing cost of a key management system based on the needs and capacities of your business.

An electronic key management system is a smart safe used for key storage at a company, which automatically controls access to keys. The system is designed for organizations with high-level security requirements (banks, government agencies, educational institutions), as well as for companies that need to control access to keys (hostels, hotels, recreation facilities, etc.). Modern automated electronic key management systems allow their owners to control access to facilities and rooms.

How do electronic key management systems operate?

The operating principle of the system is quite simple. Each key is locked in a separate slot or cell.

Keys can be accessed by means of a pin-code, an RFID card or biometric verification (fingerprint or retina scanning). Once the user is verified, the relevant key is unlocked, and the unlocked cell number is displayed on the screen. When the key is returned, the system scans its individual tag and locks the cell door.

The advantages of automatic key management systems:

  • Enhanced security at the facility;
  • Since the user is verified via the terminal, it is impossible for an employee to use keys without the authorization to access a facility; 
  • All operations with keys are monitored by the system administrator in real time, stored in the system memory and available for auditing;
  • A text message or email client notification function and online control of access settings;
  • Our software allows issuing reports.

The system is operable round the clock, even in case of blackouts, and can be integrated with other security systems.

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