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KeySharing Key Control Terminals

Manufacture of KeySharing Electronic Key Management Systems

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KEY-SHARING - is a state-of-the-art automated online key storage and issuance service. This innovative technology allows owners of hotels, hostels and rented apartments to solve a number of problems which they often face in their work, e.g. a lack of full supervision of the work of hotel receptionists.

In addition, the brand-new KEY-SHARING service ensures a total round-the-clock control of key storage and issuance. A hotel or hostel owner can receive all data on a specific key at any time regarding who took or returned the key, and when exactly it was taken or returned. Using the innovative KEY-SHARING system, it is possible to control all check-ins and returns of keys into the key management system by means of instant notifications sent to the hotel or rented apartment owner. This is a high-security system, which will not allow any unauthorized use of keys.

Another important advantage of the KEY-SHARING system is its remote operation function. The service allows remote key issuance, e.g. to and clients, as well as guests at hotels and hostels, apartment tenants, warehouse and car showroom customers.

How does it work?

The automated key issuance process is performed via a key issuance terminal and key access management server. Each key owner has their own personal account where they specify the keys they would like to give remote access to.

The operating principle of the system is based on the use of a mechanism which locks/unlocks cells where key fobs with keys are stored and securely affixed in a special slot. To gain access to keys, the user has to pass verification (by entering a pin-code or activating a card). Then, the terminal door will be unlocked and the display will show the cell number for the relevant key. To return the key, it is enough just to scan the RFID mark of the key and the cell door will open. The KEY-SHARING online service supports a text message and email client notification system.

Advantages of the KEY-SHARING system

  • The system ensures secure key storage and allows automating the key issuance/return process;
  • There is no program-prescribed binding of a key to a specific slot;
  • The system can easily understand which keys a user can access;
  • User verification by means of a card or a pin-code;
  • Full information on the use and storage of keys in real time;
  • Convenient, user-friendly interface;
  • Round-the-clock operation;
  • Fully automated key issuance/acceptance process;
  • Keys are blocked in their slots (cells) in case of a blackout;
  • Each user is assigned an access right which can be set by date and time. Importantly, access rights can be changed online;
  • It is possible to unlock individual keys without engaging the whole system;
  • It is possible to integrate all KMS systems and control them as a single system via the terminal or external access control system.

Extended capabilities of the KEY-SHARING system

Having an account system allows keeping records of all key issuance and key return events. Besides, the user is able to manage data and work with archives on a computer (after purchasing additional software). By installing additional modules in the system, it is possible to increase the number of keys stored in the system. The system will put everything in order by itself, using RFID marks built into the key fobs.

The system operates round the clock, even in poor visibility conditions, as the terminal slots are equipped with LED indication. Blackouts will not disrupt the security system because all key fobs with keys will retain their affixed positions in terminal slots.

In addition, the key issuance terminal has different mounting options – it can be mounted on the wall, on the floor or on a vertical stand.

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