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Providing Turn-Key Parcel Locker Solutions

We can calculate the cost of the parcel locker you need free of charge based on the needs and capacities of your business.

We offer different types of parcel lockers:

  • to issue online store orders
  • to issue clothes (for laundries and dry-cleaners)
  • to issue food (for cafes and street food outlets)
  • to store and issue gadgets on company premises
  • other customized solutions

Parcel locker manufacturing is one of the most innovative business areas. These units have been developed and used for issuing and receiving goods ordered online, which in the final analysis leads to significant delivery cost optimization. This is particularly important now, since the online shopping market is increasing by 30% every year. If you act fast and buy a parcel locker now, you will save a lot of time and money in the future!

A parcel locker is a programmable device featuring an electronic terminal with a large number of cells. To use it for postal dispatches, you need to register in the system by entering your login and password, after which you will be able to post a parcel. To receive your order, you need to enter a pin-code which is sent to the customer through a text message or by email.

It is possible to completely adapt the operation of parcel lockers to customers needs.

Photos of Our Parcel Lockers

Basic Functions and Advantages of Parcel Lockers

As a rule, these machines are installed in busy public areas in order to ensure easy access of users to their capabilities.

Parcel lockers enable customers to:

  • receive and send parcels;
  • buy and collect goods from online shops;
  • rent cells for short-time storage of correspondence.

One of the key features of parcel lockers is considerable cost savings on courier services and delivery of customer orders. Depending on the hardware and software configuration, it is possible to store from 40 to 200 orders or even more in a single machine.

Parcel lockers also bring benefits by shortening delivery times of various goods and are able to operate 24/7. As long as there is a well-developed parcel locker network, customers can use a parcel locker which has the most convenient location for them.

These devices are equipped with payment terminals making it much easier and faster to pay for purchases at the collection point. Besides, they allow customers to send their parcels themselves.

Parcel locker software is developed and installed for specific customers individually. In addition, it is possible to use add-on modules, such as label printers.

Application of Parcel Lockers

Our company offers not only standard parcel lockers for online shop orders, but also special solutions for different areas of business.

Parcel Lockers for Drycleaners and Laundries

Using this equipment, you can raise the standards of your company to a new level.

How does it work?

  • Install a parcel locker in a busy public area (e.g. a shopping center or supermarket);
  • Inform your regular and potential customers that they can leave their items in that parcel locker for cleaning;
  • Using the parcel locker interface, your customer hands in their items, selects the service they want and pays for it (in cash or by credit card);
  • You receive a message about the new incoming order, collect the items, perform the service ordered by the customer and put the items back into the parcel locker;
  • The customer receives a message saying that their items are ready to be collected. They can do that at a time convenient to them!

The bottom line is although you do need to hire a courier to collect and deliver items, you save money on rent of space whilst increasing the number of your customers and their loyalty.

Parcel Lockers for Residential Buildings

Our offer can suit the needs of construction and property management companies, as well as house-owners’ associations. These days, people order different goods from online shops with home delivery all the time, but they often have to fit in with the courier schedule in order to receive their orders. Having a parcel locker in their yard or the entrance hall of their building, they will forget about this problem for good!

By installing a parcel locker, construction companies can make the property sold to their customers more attractive, whereas house-owners’ associations can increase their income by offering a parcel locker service and make life a little better for the house-owners!

Food Lockers

These are solutions for cafes and street food outlets. The lockers are installed right on the premises.

The operating principle is very simple:

  • A client makes an order through a mobile app and waits for a food ready message;
  • You prepare the order and place it in the locker;
  • The client receives the food ready message;
  • The client arrives and picks up their order paying in cash or by card, or even online through the mobile app!

Each food locker cell may be fitted with a heating or cooling system to maintain the required temperature!

Постамат для выдачи еды
Постамат для выдачи еды

Why is it Worth Buying a Locker From Us?

Violanta specializes in the development and manufacture of parcel lockers. Our engineers can set up and optimize lockers for any project, which will make considerable savings on courier services and goods delivery, whilst reducing queues of people waiting at pickup points to dispatch or collect their parcels. Only we can offer lockers at the manufacturer’s price without any extra charges or costs!

Our parcel lockers are of welded design with anti-vandal functionality. The standard steel thickness used is 1.5 mm. Materials with other parameters are also available.

Locker operation data is transmitted to special servers, making it possible to control them remotely and monitor their performance at any time.

Please, contact our managers to find out about the price or for more details about terms of sales and manufacture of our lockers:

by email:

or by phone: +7 800 555-28-21

Video Reviews of Parcel Lockers Manufactured by Us


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