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Turn-Key Safe Deposit Boxes

Didn't find a suitable option in the catalog? We are ready to manufacture a safe deposit box, block or cabinet with a complete set according to your requirements!

Leave a request for free calculation of the cost of individual production, taking into account your needs and specifics of use.

VISAFE safe deposit boxes are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them reliable and durable. They are fitted with precision locks produced by the famous American company Sargent & Greenleaf. The design of the locks makes sure that the key protrusions do not act as the lock pin drive. The load is transferred to the pin by means of a brass frame located on the lock cylinder. If an excessive force is applied, the frame breaks and the lock is impossible to unlock. Using two self-standing plate packets with codes makes it practically impossible to pick the lock with different lock picks or other tools.

All metal box cabinets have a welded design. They are installed on the basement in rooms and fastened to each other through holes in the sidewalls. Each box is fitted with a plastic container, a box or a cassette with a sealing device.

We deliver deposit boxes of different height, depth and width parameters. The number of boxes is indicated by the customer.

The box door panel is made of ten-millimeter steel subject to additional treatment. The numbers are inscribed on the boxes, and it is possible to inscribe numbers by means of a laser as an option.

The following cell locking method is used. There are two keys for each door, which are kept by the user and the bank administrator following the safety criteria adopted in the USA. The deposit box lock can be opened only if both keys are used simultaneously. Its high level of security is ensured by more than 820 000 combinations available.

The thickness of the steel box casing is 1.5 mm. The lock and key are made of a high-strength brass alloy.

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