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Changing Room Lockers

Turn-Key Lockers for Changing Rooms

We offer all-round solutions for your business. We can calculate the cost of furniture made in line with your technical requirements for any kind of room:

  • for fitness clubs and sport centers
  • for schools and universities
  • for changing rooms at factories and companies
  • any type, color and functionality

Our company offers to make lockers for changing rooms to provide more comfort in fitness clubs, sport centers, schools, universities, offices and plants. They are used for temporary storage of clothes and personal effects.

A distinguishing feature of our lockers is that they have a number of boxes, each of which has its own lock. The following types of locks are available: mechanical (conventional locks with a key), code locks and electronic key locks which are unlocked with an RFID tag card or a pin-code. Such lockers are usually installed in fitness clubs, schools, sporting facilities and workers’ changing rooms in plants and industrial facilities.

Our advantages

Violanta manufactures equipment in accordance with your technical specifications or offers ready-to-use solutions for your business. Our products can be made out of different materials, e.g. metal, wood, HPL plastic, chipboard or CDF panels. Metal is the best material for lockers to be installed in fitness centers, as it is durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. Our managers will help you select the material to suit your specific function in the best way.

Locker options for changing rooms

Whether wooden, plastic or metal, the lockers that we will manufacture for you will have the number of cells you need and the color to your liking. The extras we offer include door perforation (ideal for lockers in fitness center changing rooms), manufacturing benches, hangers, mechanical and electronic locks, as well as other accessories. All our products come with a long-term firm warranty.

Изготовим по Вашим размерам и комплектации. Оставьте заявку и мы с Вами оперативно свяжемся!
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