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Information kiosks and self-service terminals


The interactive terminal is a modern device equipped with a touch screen and software that allows you to get the necessary information and perform other actions planned for this model. Touchscreen kiosks for implementing various forms of self-service are usually installed in places with high traffic, so they are equipped with an anti-vandal case and shockproof glass on the screen. This design ensures the safety of information, personal data, money.

Features and purpose of interactive kiosks for information and other purposes

Touch terminals are most often made multifunctional - in addition to an information monitor, they can be equipped with USB ports, a registrar, a code reader, a video surveillance system, a printer, and an RFID tag receiver.

Electronic tactile-sensor self-service terminals are divided into the following categories according to their functions:

  • Kiosks with an interactive panel designed to make payments for goods, housing and communal services and communications.
  • Electronic queue terminals, navigation systems, reference books. Such infomats are installed in public institutions to improve the quality of customer service and convey the same type of information to a wide range of visitors.
  • Self-service sensory kiosks that serve as an effective advertising tool or for videoconferencing.
  • Interactive tables that allow you to work with multimedia information, the cost of such equipment is determined by its functionality.

Benefits of installing touch screen info kiosks

Such equipment can be installed independently or in groups. The second option allows you to serve multiple clients at the same time. Complete set of infomats with additional components allows you to expand their functionality and use them to perform almost any task.

Other advantages of purchasing, installing and operating electronic self-service terminals for various purposes:

  • maximum efficiency in work, acceleration and improvement of the quality of service;
  • the possibility of operation in 24/7 mode;
  • savings on staff;
  • the possibility of remote and operational control of electronic terminals;
  • saving space in small rooms;
  • the possibility of manufacturing on an individual project.

Types of touch kiosks by design

The design of interactive equipment is chosen depending on its purpose and area of ​​the room:

  • Outdoor option. Differs in simplicity of installation.Demanded for devices that are used in the field of self-service to pay for goods and services.
  • Wall execution. Allows you to save useful space.
  • Bilateral option. Provides the ability to quickly serve customers in high-traffic areas.

Benefits of cooperation with «Violanta»

The «Violanta» company, a manufacturer of various electronic self-service systems and software for them, offers to buy interactive terminals at reasonable prices. Suitable electronic tables, racks, kiosks can be selected from the catalog or ordered to manufacture equipment according to individual parameters and software for it. The products are guaranteed.

The goods can be delivered in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region and other regions of Russia.

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