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Electronic mailbox with checkpoint function

дата создания: 7 Октября 2020 г.
дата актуализации: 11 Января 2021 г.

Electronic mailboxes with the addition of a separate type of cells for receiving parcels (postamat) from courier companies will become a modern alternative to outdated mailboxes with keys.

This solution will allow you to use the space for mailboxes much more efficiently. By installing electronic mailboxes with a checkpoint function, residents of apartment buildings will be able to receive their parcels from online and offline stores in a fast and convenient way, without having to wait for couriers. The new trend is already becoming popular in the US (Parcel pending, Package confierge, Amazon hub and Luxer one), as well as in Europe (Myrenzbox and Bringme locker).

New residential complexes strive to attract buyers of square meters with a high level of comfort and developed infrastructure, offering residents shops, parking lots, dry cleaning services, services, fitness centers right on the territory of their residential complexes. The rapid growth of e-commerce and logistics services in recent years gives rise to the demand and need for convenient automated solutions for the delivery of parcels near a person's home or work. The availability of modern electronic mailboxes with the function of check-in terminals can become another important competitive advantage for potential buyers of apartments in new housing complexes.



The administrator enters into the database all residents of the residential complex who will be able to receive parcels through an electronic mailbox + postamat, he also indicates a mobile phone and e-mail of each resident to send notifications about the arrival of parcels.


  1. The recipient notifies * the courier that it is possible to leave the parcel at the checkpoint right at the entrance
  2. The courier clicks on the touchscreen display of the e-mail box / checkpoint "LOAD MAIL"
  3. Enter full name or apartment number ** from the list
  4. The courier enters the recipient's full name, if this recipient is in the database, then box will open, then the courier loads the parcel and closes the box.

* - In case of repeated deliveries, the courier may already know that parcels can be delivered to the post office / e-mail box.

** - The courier can deliver parcels only to those recipients who are in the system user base.


  1. The recipient receives an SMS / EMAIL notification that the parcel is in the cell as soon as the courier closes the cell.
  2. The recipient puts his mark * from the entrance to the reader, which is also the key to access the individual cell in the electronic mailbox / post-terminal.

* - the tag acts as an EDS (electronic digital signature) for courier companies.

System administrator will always know who, when and how much is using the luggage room.
There is a LOG that the system administrator can view.

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