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VIOLANTA company has developed postamates for apartments

дата создания: 12 Июля 2020 г.
дата актуализации: 14 Ноября 2022 г.

Violanta, a leader Russian manufacturer and supplier of various electronic storage and access systems, has developed a new product for a large construction company - Postomat for an apartment.

The project of the housing complex provides for the installation of automatic check points for each apartment in the residential complex. A distinctive feature of the new postamat model is a two-sided case. This solution allows the courier to load parcels from one side of the checkpoint, and from the other side the apartment owner can pick up the parcel at any time convenient for him. You can now receive a parcel without even opening the front door.

The checkpoint for apartments is equipped with an infrared scanner for detecting parcels, there is integration with the virtual voice assistant "Alice" from the "Yandex" company. Delivery management is carried out using a mobile application. Checkpoints have multi-size lockers that accept most standard parcel and bag sizes.

Residents of this complex will be able to appreciate the convenience and high level of comfort from the automation of their homes. According to representatives of the company "Violanta", postamates of this type can be placed in various suburban residential complexes and cottage villages.

In addition to Smart Home Locker apartment checkpoints, Violanta is ready to offer developers and builders various options for e-mail boxes.

You can consult, calculate the cost, find out the delivery time and place an order by calling:

8 800 555-28-21

+7 (812) 245-69-05 (St. Petersburg)

+7 (499) 322-38-85 (Moscow)

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