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Violanta's checkpoints will save business in lockdown

дата создания: 10 Апреля 2020 г.
дата актуализации: 14 Ноября 2022 г.

In the context of the active spread of coronavirus in Russia and the quarantine measures introduced by the authorities of the regions to contain the epidemic, businesses of different levels are obviously under attack.

World experience shows that in the current pandemic in Asian and European countries, contactless automated solutions can help businesses continue to work through the development of new sales and delivery channels.

The company " VIOLANTA ", a manufacturer of various intelligent automated storage chambers, is ready to offer Russian companies postamates for remote delivery of goods and products. For example, owners of coffee stands or small goods stores, as well as restaurants, will be able to transfer ordered meals to couriers or customers in a secure remote way using check-in boxes.

The principle of operation is as follows. You receive an online food order that is sent to the kitchen for preparation. Next, the restaurant employee loads the packaged meals into the checkpoint compartment. The system automatically sends a notification to the courier or the buyer that the order is ready and can be picked up, as well as a one-time receipt code with the address of the terminal. A similar scheme of work can be used by chain grocery stores, which can organize points of issue of ordered products through checkpoint cells.

Taking into account the current epidemiological situation and the need to comply with increased hygienic requirements and standards under quarantine conditions, the Violanta company can additionally equip the postamat cells with an ultraviolet lamp for disinfection.

Modern automated solutions of the Violanta company help to use even the current crisis situation for many areas of business in their favor. If you do not yet know how to automate your work in quarantine, you can send a request to or call 8 (800) 555-28-21.

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