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Violanta manufactures and sells different electronic storage and access systems, and develops software for different types of equipment. We have been operating since 2008 and currently have a leading position in our area of expertise across the CIS. In the course of our operation, our customers have included companies from over 50 cities of Russia, Europe and the USA.

We have a team of programmers who can perform any task you set. Also, our production division can manufacture metal products to meet your specific requirements.

Automated storage lockers are indispensible modular systems for modern companies (plants, shopping centers, railway stations, etc.) with a great variety of functions the customer can choose from.

Violanta also sells accessory products for chain stores. We can provide you with everything you may need for efficient present-day sale organization: baskets, carts, video surveillance systems, anti-theft systems and numerous other devices.

All the products on offer are certified in accordance with international standards and are used by leading companies throughout the world.

The current core activities of our company are the sale and maintenance of:

  • Automated storage lockers
  • NAC wine dispensers
  • Automatic gates, pay gates, as well as associated goods, such as baskets and carts

The areas of business which our customers are involved in are:

  • Airports and docks;
  • Hospitals and libraries;
  • Schools and universities;
  • Banks and financial institutions;
  • Retail;
  • Commercial companies;
  • Distribution and logistics centers;
  • Penitentiary facilities, police and local authorities;
  • Federal government;
  • Factories, plants and heavy industry;
  • Electric power stations and petrochemical plants.

We are developing projects to meet our customers’ individual requirements.

The general mission of our company is to offer high-quality equipment on mutually beneficial terms.


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