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Automated Storage Lockers

Lockers with touchscreen or monochrome displays for stations, factories, shops, shopping centers, schools, etc.
Storage lockers with key locks, combination locks and e-locks for shops, schools and fitness clubs
Automatic and standard lockers made of metal, chipboard, HPL plastic for locker rooms in fitness clubs, schools, factories, etc.
Parcel Lockers it's a cheap and convenient way to deliver orders to the buyer
Equipment and machines for automatic sale of goods and services
Made of metal, with e-locks and mail sensors, for separate houses, apartment buildings, organizations and business centers
Ideal for shopping centers, sports complexes, cinemas and other public places
Small desktop phone charging stations for cafes, bars, restaurants
Special ventilated cabinets for prolonged storage and charging of mobile devices
Electronic cabinets and terminals for keys with a key issuance and return control function in apartments, hostels, hotels and residential buildings
Suitable for cafes and restaurants, preserving the taste and aroma of wine in an open bottle at a specified temperature
Reliable and durable bank cabinets and deposit boxes for storing valuables and banknotes
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