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Developing software

to customer requirements

Violanta can offer the service of developing customized software for storage locker systems, parcel terminals, gadget charging devices, automatic cabinets for changing rooms and other storage systems. We design the most convenient, inexpensive and functional software guided by the requirements of your business and your available budget.

Here are some of our solutions:

Remote Control Systems

One of our standard solutions is the equipment remote control system. This software allows you to receive real-time information and alarm signals from your device and its components, rather than from your clients. User-friendly controls make equipment installation and use a simple matter.

Thanks to this system, you will be able to perform most of the required tasks remotely:

  • Installing updates
  • Managing users
  • Modifying security settings
  • Receiving system operation reports

Software for Automated Storage Lockers

Our development team can design unique software for storage lockers, including baggage intake and dispensing, as well as payment procedures. Our solutions make the interaction process simple and clear.

The software allows for the following different box access methods:

  • Using RFID tags (magnetic cards)
  • Using the fingerprint scanning function
  • Using the receipt scanning function

Software for Vending Machines

Your vending machine should have good-quality software to ensure that clients receive a good-quality and convenient service. The software which we develop for vending machines has a user-friendly interface and versatile functional capabilities, e.g. a detailed description of goods, information on accessory products and any other function at your option.

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Software Development Stages

1 st

Writing a Development Specification

Our expert will discuss the special aspects of your business with you, find out about your needs and help you draw up a proper specification for software development.

2 nd

Creating Interface Prototype

After the specifications have been completed, the development of the user interface (GUI) prototype for the future software is started, as well as designing the system as a whole.

3 rd

Software Development

At this stage, our engineers will develop the actual program code and bind logic to the user interface.

4 th


All software functions are checked as per the specifications. If any errors are identified, the software is sent for debugging.

5 th

Software Release

The ready-to-use software is agreed with and handed over to the client. Our company can perform turn-key installation and adjustments, and will, thereafter, provide technical support and eliminate errors under warranty.

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