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Traka Key Management Systems

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Bullet-shaped Traka devices contain a chip which is a unique electronic ID. Any key or bunch of keys affixed in the electronic key management system can be taken only by an authorized user. Users are identified by means or a pin-code, a card or fingerprint reading.

The electronic management system has a wide variety of functions which can be used due to TRAKA 32 software.

The system records who takes a key and when it is taken in an automatic mode.

This information is available both in the key management system itself and on the administrator’s computer. Besides, the system is capable of producing different types of reports.

When it is not necessary to provide access to a certain item every day, it is possible to set the days of the week or the time when it is used in the electronic key management system. It is also possible to set ‘a curfew period’ or a time limit within which the key must be returned (e.g. within 15 minutes).

Recording user information in the electronic key management system

Traka Touch electronic key management system is a new key management concept for offices, schools, shops and small industrial companies. The device need not be integrated with the existing network. It is a completely autonomous electronic key management system. User settings and access settings, as well as all reports, are controlled from the touchscreen entirely. In this way, the electronic key management system provides a powerful key management solution. The installed software provides a total control capability, determining who exactly can access the keys and when they can be accessed.

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